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For Pro-Connecticut, Go Greenberg.

Former major league baseball player Adam Greenberg is stepping up to the plate for Connecticut. Adam’s unique background as a CEO, best-selling author, and professional athlete who overcame incredible odds has prepared him to take on the challenges facing the 12th District. Join Adam and help usher in new leadership for Connecticut.


On The Issues


Pro-Business Connecticut

We must create a pro-business, pro-economic growth environment here in Connecticut. The anti-business mindset must be a thing of the past if we are going to thrive as a state. It is imperative for the success of our state that we showcase all that Connecticut has to offer. Strategically positioned between New York and Massachusetts, Connecticut has endless potential, but only if we have a realistic approach to our future and the health of our economy.

Cut the red tape.

As a CEO of a national nutrition company, Adam knows first hand how excessive regulation can add unnecessary challenges. Here in Connecticut, even something as simple as constructing a building for a new small business is extremely difficult with all the red tape and government hoops a business owner must jump through to open up shop. Adam will bring his business know-how to Hartford and help Connecticut become more inviting to small business owners and those aspiring to open a small business.


The people and economy of Connecticut do not need and cannot afford tolls. The implementation of tolls would be bailing out the current administration for all their wasteful spending. Tolls would cost the average commuter over $250 per month. There would be up to 77 toll gantries throughout the state making Connecticut (one of the smallest states in the Union) the highest tolled state in America. The robbing of the Special Transportation Fund (STF) must come to an end – this state has created enough revenue to address our transportation and infrastructure issues. Connecticut needs to cut wasteful spending, stop stealing from STF, and put the money where it is supposed to go, not put up tolls.

Save local schools.

Family and education are the two best predictors of success later in life. In our economy, missing out on a good education means missing out on the American dream. Connecticut isn’t holding up its end of the bargain. Strong teacher unions make removing ineffective teachers — and rewarding great ones — more difficult than it should be. Parents also need more choice when it comes to choosing what school their child attends.

Home Values

The Real Estate market in Connecticut is one of the last in our country to have yet to recover from the 2008 market crash. This is due to the mismanagement of our state’s economy, having two of the highest tax hikes in our state’s history within the last 8 years, and the daily shrinking of our state’s population. Our neighbors, friends, and family members are leaving our state in droves to move to tax payer friendly states. If we are going to turn this state around, we must meet these challenges head on and address the underlining causes.

Reduce state taxes.

In recent years Connecticut has sit back and watched while nearby states have cut corporate taxes and had new business flood in. By reducing state corporate tax we can give businesses tax relief and grow the tax base by attracting more business to our state. when. Win-win.


in his own words


Fostering A Pro-Growth Business Environment

Why Adam’s Business Success Will Be Valuable In Politics


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Adam’s Story

Adam’s story is one of turbulent ups and downs in pursuing a career in baseball. The patience and sheer determination he learned through sport has helped forge him into the man he is today.


On The Trail


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